This prevents your outboard engine being taken for an unauthorised joyride, providing you peace of thoughts when leaving your boat unattended. The F70A outboard engine is compact, lightweight, simply maintained and serviced, and like all current Yammies has a proven reputation for survival in a marine setting. Both engines refused to ventilate through tight turns at 4000rpm despite running alloy props and even at broad open throttle had been quiet.

But as a result of most torque appears to be developed around 4500rpm the F70A outboard motor wants careful propping to ship its full potential. Our 1-liter 70-hp midrange features a two-piece upper case and 10 % lighter pistons. It’s up to eighty kilos lighter than other four-stroke rivals and the category-leader in power-to-weight. Combined with its 16-valve SOHC design and 17 percent larger intakes, and it’s one of the most responsive outboards on the water.

yamaha 70 hp outboard

Yamaha’s push-button trim control makes engine trim and tilt changes quick, smooth and easy, across a wide trim vary. The unfavorable trim settings permit for improved acceleration and the ability to convey the boat onto the plane more quickly. Yamaha’s unique Y-COP immobiliser system is an easy, simple to make use of and highly efficient possibility – the neat and simple remote management locks and unlocks the engine on the push of a button.

Amaha Marinef150 In

To help you in your search for the best Yamaha 50 to 99 horsepower engine, you could have this info to make the search easier. This type of boat motor works with a compression stroke and an explosion stroke. When youre making ready to move out onto the water, you need to ensure that your engine wont let you down. There are many Yamaha full outboard boat engines that you could equip your self with.

PRECISE THROTTLE CONTROLAll air getting into the engine block of Yamaha’s new F70 four stroke is routed by way of a single throttle valve, to make sure the exact quantity of air needed for optimum energy and gas effectivity. It then enters every cylinder through individual lengthy intake tracks, which are ‘pulse tuned’ to provide air at the exact quantity and timing for optimum density and energy. The engine is lighter than any competitive four stroke or direct injected two stroke motor in the 70 – 75 horsepower class. The F70 achieves this by its distinctive 4 valves per cylinder design activated by a single overhead camshaft somewhat than the standard twin camshaft design for sixteen valve engines. This reduces the load that might end result from having an extra camshaft and the elements that go along with it. The new F70 is an additional development of the F60, sharing the same displacement and stroke.

Yamaha Four Stroke 70hp Outboard Engine

For leisure, pleasure or onerous business work, the exciting 70hp delivers you the superbly proportioned, lightweight power package. It constantly screens information inputs and settings, ensuring easy running and optimised ignition timings – in addition to routinely activating warning lamps and protection methods. A handy laptop entry port allows an authorised Yamaha vendor to diagnose any issues.

In reality, the F70 is the lightest, strongest four-stroke in its class. POWERFUL HOLE SHOTA Composite Intake Manifold features long tube consumption tracks, tuned to extend airflow, which boost low-end and midrange torque. Even with all this responsive energy, an air silencer field and surge tank reduce air intake noise and air turbulence for clean, quiet operation. These props ship Yamaha’s excessive-quality design and performance in a low-price, light-weight propeller.

They supply an excellent all-spherical alternative for Yamaha outboards, coming in a variety of sizes and pitches to go well with every power requirement. Prop alternative makes a huge difference to outboard acceleration, prime-end speed, handling and gasoline effectivity. That is why Yamaha continues to push the technological boundaries within the design and growth of our leading range of excessive efficiency props – ensuring every Yamaha outboard performs at its peak.

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