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No matter if you are a beginner or a collegiate athlete, you need to Sacrifice Your Body to get to the Next Level! Check out our available programs. Have something else in mind? Contact us below!

Beginner Training

Dynamic Warm-up; Power/Plyometric & Strength Exercises; Core Strengthening, Balance & Stability; Agility Drills; Speed Development and Conditioning.

Advanced Training

Total-Body Strength & Explosiveness Power Training; Core Strength & Stability, including Rotational and Anti-Rotational Exercises; Plyometrics, including Jump and Landing Mechanics; Balance Training, Joint Stability, and Injury Prevention; Nutrition Education.

Personal Training

Beginner & Advanced Training options brought straight to you. 1-1 or as a group. From Warm-up to Nutritional Education. We’ll be there to guide you to the Next Level!

Remote Training

7 days-a-week workout and nutritional program, No gym membership required, customized for you! Using an app on your phone, we’ll provide video-based workouts and an eating plan to keep you and me accountable. 


“Coach Joseph is amazing! He has transformed my teenaged athletes! He pushes them to do their best while having a blast!”

Michelle Durnil Turner

“Awesome place to train – Coach Leary pushes my son to be the Best He Can Be.”

Richard Lee


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